Scientific opinion confirms a link between climate change and the strongly increased CO₂ emissions. There is an awareness that something must happen before it's too late. Reducing CO₂ emissions can actually contribute to managing climate change. In this area, Royal BAM Group is taking responsibility for its own activities. But of course together with the supply industry and clients (the government and the commercial sector) in the construction sector.

During the BAM Symposium 2008 that addressed Reducing CO₂ Emissions, Royal BAM Group made a proposal for calculating the footprint of a construction company in general. This includes the use of energy (fuels, heat and electricity) for offices, on construction and production sites and in vehicles. The carbon footprint of Royal BAM Group was then determined using a Carbon Footprint Calculation Model. The results of these calculations are presented in the symposium's publication. This publication can be found under downloads.

The specific aspects of CO₂ reduction at construction companies, namely CO₂ reduction on construction sites, was addressed in more detail during the BAM Symposium of 2009. You can find more information about this under ‘PCC Tool’.

Important partners are clients and suppliers, who can reduce CO₂ emissions in respectively the operational phase and the supply chain.