Project Carbon Calculator Tool

What is the PCC Tool?

The Project Carbon Calculator (PCC) is a practical tool used to determine, together with the partners in the chain, where CO₂ reduction can be achieved during the procurement and building phases of a construction project.

PCC is a software program that can be used in projects in both the infrastructure and the residential and non-residential building sectors. The tool can be used in every phase of a project. During design, tendering, construction and maintenance, it is possible to determine the carbon footprint of the construction project concerned now and in the future and to identify where the most efficient reduction measures can be taken. This provides insight into the work processes of the construction project and their consequences for the emission of CO₂. When using the PCC, a distinction is made between procurement and construction. Within these phases, a further classification is made into a number of categories for which the CO₂ emissions are exactly measured.

BAM has used the PCC in twenty eight projects and wants to make the tool available to other players in the sector and to other interested parties. By doing so, BAM hopes to make a direct contribution to CO₂ reduction in the built environment in general and in construction projects in particular.

More information regarding the twenty eight projects in which the PCC has been used can be found in the publication resulting from the 2009 BAM Symposium. This publication can be found under ‘downloads’.

Note: the PCC Tool was last updated in 2009.