Objective of the BAM CO₂ Desk

Companies are increasingly focussing on their energy consumption and the reduction of CO₂ emissions. Firstly, because they know that the central government will develop more stringent legislation and regulations. Secondly, because of the requirements set by society. But also due to the opportunity to achieve good economic performance. Also in the long term. In addition, the company is convinced that corporate social responsibility is beneficial.

Research into the carbon footprint shows that the construction sector has a lot of knowledge in this field. However, it is not used sufficiently actively. Royal BAM Group wants to provide access to the knowledge present in its organisation and make it available to suppliers and clients in the construction sector. The BAM CO₂ Desk has been created for this reason.

Working method

As a participant in the building chain, do you have a question concerning reducing energy consumption? Or about the reduction of CO₂ emissions? If so, through this website you can ask your question to or discuss the issue with Royal BAM Group. It is possible that your question has been asked before, and that the answer is already available. To see whether this is the case go to Frequently Asked Questions.

Briefly, your question will follow the following procedure. It will be submitted to a member of the Advisory Board. This member will consider it and provide you with insights or concrete answers that you can proceed with. The Advisory Board consists of employees of Royal BAM Group with specific knowledge of and experience in the reduction of CO₂ emissions.